One Mom’s Thoughts in an Isolated World

I'm just a regular mom. I don't have any formal insight into any of this. I'm not looking to debate or cause issues. I'm just sharing from the heart in case someone else's heart can relate. I'm talking about this pandemic that's taking over our daily life. Coronavirus. COVID-19. Our thoughts, actions, conversations, all suddenly… Continue reading One Mom’s Thoughts in an Isolated World

Me, Mommy

Mom Notes

To the mom rushing in late with wet hair, dragging quickly dressed kids and trailing muffin crumbs, you're my kind of girl. To the mom juggling a kid in each arm, an overstuffed backpack, a toy in her mouth and balancing a cup of coffee, I've been there, let's talk.  To the mom yelling across… Continue reading Mom Notes

Me, Mommy

Let’s Figure This Out Together

Dear Firstborn,  I failed a lot with you, I still do. I did a lot right too. I hope those good things, the ones I'm proud of, are the things that flood your mind when you think back to this time. This time of growing so fast I can't hold on hard enough. This time… Continue reading Let’s Figure This Out Together