Me, Mommy

I Can’t Keep Up

It's the last day of another year gone by. How can I let it pass without reflecting on this year? As I sat down to think, certain experiences or moments didn't immediately come to mind as I intended. Instead I kept hearing the words, please slow down. My husband and I did quite a bit… Continue reading I Can’t Keep Up


The Only Gift

I still remember our first Christmas together. I won't dare say how many years ago it was. Fine...15. (See, now I'm all sad wondering how 15 years have gone by so quickly. I'll just push that down until later.) I wanted to impress this new guy. I got so many great, thoughtful, expensive gifts. A… Continue reading The Only Gift


Another Year, Another Tiara

When birthdays rolled around (many birthdays ago) I felt excited. I didn't really think about it until the day of, maybe the day before. As a child I didn't have the mindset to look ahead very far on the calendar. My parents always made my birthday extra special. Every single year I woke up to… Continue reading Another Year, Another Tiara


Inside the Reflection

I try to clean weekly. That's a lie. It's closer to bi-weekly and by that I mean if I get around to it once a month. There once was a time I was very good about deep cleaning. Looking back, it was when I had nothing else on my plate. Now I do well to… Continue reading Inside the Reflection


The Time Button

My child has taken an interest in time. Reading clocks, counting seconds, informing anyone with ears each time a minute passes. Last week as we were driving somewhere, he told me it was 4:47 p.m. Then, he wanted to know how to go back to 4:46. He wanted that minute back. I explained how that… Continue reading The Time Button