Me, Mommy

Shy School Mom

I have been so occupied with doing fun things before school starts, trying not to cry every single minute, and preparing my child for every possible school-related scenario. In all this prepping for our whole life to change, I forgot one big thing. I'm about to be a "school mom." I'll give you a moment… Continue reading Shy School Mom


A Kindergarten Conversation

My dear child, come sit. Let's have a little talk. You'll be going to school very soon. We've been counting down the days on your calendar, so you know it's almost time! Yes, things will be a lot different now, but I know we'll both do just fine with this big change. Let me take… Continue reading A Kindergarten Conversation

Me, Mommy

Dear Kindergarten Teacher

Dear Kindergarten Teacher, It's almost time. I really hope you've had a wonderful summer. You deserve a good break. I know you never really stopped working. We haven't met yet, but please know I've been praying for you. I realize you have many students to focus on. I know you have very busy days and… Continue reading Dear Kindergarten Teacher