Me, Mommy

Mommy, I’m scared too

Mommy, please listen close. I have something important to say. I'm young and may not understand, but things are changing in a big way. I've seen grown-ups whispering, with worried looks on their faces. They're storing up food and working at home and closing our favorite places. They say it's this new virus. They say… Continue reading Mommy, I’m scared too

Me, Mommy

A Letter on the Last Day of Kindergarten

Dear sweet child, You did it! Your first year of school ended today and you made it through the year better than I could have imagined. I don't think it's really hit either of us that it's over. These last few weeks have been a whirl of birthday parties and last soccer practices and games… Continue reading A Letter on the Last Day of Kindergarten

Me, Mommy

If You Have Kids, Remember These 4 Words…

It was about this same time last year. A time when my eyes were perpetually red and puffy from crying every 10 minutes. My first child, my little sidekick, my hilarious little buddy was going to kindergarten. I was determined I would not survive the first two weeks and couldn't even imagine beyond that. We… Continue reading If You Have Kids, Remember These 4 Words…

Me, Mommy

A Message of Hope: For All the Moms Worrying About Kindergarten

Dear (Almost) Kindergarten Mom, I have four words for you. You Can Do This! Ok, actually I have way more words, but we'll start with that. This is to all the moms (and dads) out there who are inching ever so close to your child's first year of school. You're about to get them registered… Continue reading A Message of Hope: For All the Moms Worrying About Kindergarten

Me, Mommy

Teachers, Listen Up!

Hey teachers, I need to have a word with you. I have few important things you really need to hear, so please listen up. Don't be offended if I don't get everything exactly right. I'm only going by what I know here, not being a teacher and all, but this has to be said. First,… Continue reading Teachers, Listen Up!

Me, Mommy

This One Time in the Car Rider Line

First, to all the teachers and staff standing outside before and after a long day in all types of weather helping these kids get into school and home safely, you're awesome and we appreciate you immensely! The car rider line is the highlight of my days now. According to my husband anyway. He says when I tell him… Continue reading This One Time in the Car Rider Line

Me, Mommy

8 Things I Wish I Knew Before My Kid Started Kindergarten

I should start by saying we are only a week into school. I fully realize my list will expand as the days go on. For now, these are the things I didn't realize or expect would happen. Also, I should mention this is our first experience in a school, so I'm completely clueless. Maybe there… Continue reading 8 Things I Wish I Knew Before My Kid Started Kindergarten

Me, Mommy

Prep Yourself, There’s a Day 2

The first day of school went well. No tears from him at drop-off. Only about 56 cries for me. I consider that a win. I watched a mom take a picture of her kid, turn around and walk off. She was overwhelmed and forgot to say bye. I get it, it's a lot. The kid… Continue reading Prep Yourself, There’s a Day 2

Me, Mommy

Shy School Mom

I have been so occupied with doing fun things before school starts, trying not to cry every single minute, and preparing my child for every possible school-related scenario. In all this prepping for our whole life to change, I forgot one big thing. I'm about to be a "school mom." I'll give you a moment… Continue reading Shy School Mom


A Kindergarten Conversation

My dear child, come sit. Let's have a little talk. You'll be going to school very soon. We've been counting down the days on your calendar, so you know it's almost time! Yes, things will be a lot different now, but I know we'll both do just fine with this big change. Let me take… Continue reading A Kindergarten Conversation