I'm hard on myself sometimes. I fail to see my worth some days. A few times, I've  found myself standing in the kitchen cooking dinner as negative thoughts spiraled  into a staircase of tears. I think of every little detail of the day or week and pick it apart. My friend didn't respond back to… Continue reading Today


Kitchen Yoga

Several weeks ago I started doing some yoga stretches at night. It's been something I really enjoy and I haven't missed a night since starting this new hobby. I'm definitely not an expert, but I've got a few stretches down and I'll just stick with that for now.  Today, as I was cooking dinner, I… Continue reading Kitchen Yoga

Me, Mommy

I Can’t Keep Up

It's the last day of another year gone by. How can I let it pass without reflecting on this year? As I sat down to think, certain experiences or moments didn't immediately come to mind as I intended. Instead I kept hearing the words, please slow down. My husband and I did quite a bit… Continue reading I Can’t Keep Up