Me, Mommy

Shy School Mom

I have been so occupied with doing fun things before school starts, trying not to cry every single minute, and preparing my child for every possible school-related scenario. In all this prepping for our whole life to change, I forgot one big thing. I'm about to be a "school mom." I'll give you a moment… Continue reading Shy School Mom


How Rude of Me

I realized something today. I've made several posts, but nothing that really told anything specifically about me. How rude. It's like, "Hey there! Welcome to my blog party! Please have a look around. I'll introduce myself in a few days." Manners fail. Let's get to it. I'm from a small town, somewhere. You already know… Continue reading How Rude of Me


Wake Up and Go Moms, Please Tell Me Your Secret

I had a more useful and uplifting post in mind today, but something screamed at me to get this out. No, the stinky parts are not directed at anyone I know. I've been a SAHM for a few years now. In case you don't know, that means Stay At Home Mom. (Just sharing, because when… Continue reading Wake Up and Go Moms, Please Tell Me Your Secret


The Now You

Hey, you. Yes, you. Go look in the mirror. Look hard, and love what you see. Love the now you. The you that found that first gray hair last week and laughed. Then, cried. Wipe away those tears and love the now you. The you that only sees the wrinkles. You earned those beauty lines.… Continue reading The Now You