Me, Mommy

What I Really Want to Say to Other Moms

Moms, there's this thing we do and I think it's about time we change it. We put on a fake smile and lock up how we really feel. We pass by each other every single day, yet never really speak. You know I'm right. Sure, that's ok sometimes. I get it, nobody wants a constant… Continue reading What I Really Want to Say to Other Moms

Me, Mommy

Shy School Mom

I have been so occupied with doing fun things before school starts, trying not to cry every single minute, and preparing my child for every possible school-related scenario. In all this prepping for our whole life to change, I forgot one big thing. I'm about to be a "school mom." I'll give you a moment… Continue reading Shy School Mom


How Rude of Me

I realized something today. I've made several posts, but nothing that really told anything specifically about me. How rude. It's like, "Hey there! Welcome to my blog party! Please have a look around. I'll introduce myself in a few days." Manners fail. Let's get to it. I'm from a small town, somewhere. You already know… Continue reading How Rude of Me


Wake Up and Go Moms, Please Tell Me Your Secret

I had a more useful and uplifting post in mind today, but something screamed at me to get this out. No, the stinky parts are not directed at anyone I know. I've been a SAHM for a few years now. In case you don't know, that means Stay At Home Mom. (Just sharing, because when… Continue reading Wake Up and Go Moms, Please Tell Me Your Secret