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If You Have Kids, Remember These 4 Words…

It was about this same time last year. A time when my eyes were perpetually red and puffy from crying every 10 minutes. My first child, my little sidekick, my hilarious little buddy was going to kindergarten. I was determined I would not survive the first two weeks and couldn't even imagine beyond that. We… Continue reading If You Have Kids, Remember These 4 Words…

Me, Mommy

Why There’s Not an Elf on My Shelf

Are you sitting down? This confession is pretty big: We don't have a Christmas elf that visits our house. Go ahead, call me a Grinch, a Scrooge, a party pooper. Get it over with, I'll wait. Are you done? Ok, good. I'll explain my reasons now. First, I know there are moms on both sides… Continue reading Why There’s Not an Elf on My Shelf

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Love Sprinkles

We'll be celebrating 10 years of marriage next year. That concept has yet to actually make sense in my brain. I remember hearing people speak of 10 year anniversaries and it seemed like such a futuristic event in my mind. Like flying cars and robots cleaning the house. I just never pictured myself in that… Continue reading Love Sprinkles

Me, Mommy

Mama Juice

I came across this poem I wrote several months ago, so guess it's time to share it! First, a little background. I've always been a big advocate of breastfeeding. I nursed for 39 months total, and wouldn't change one second of it. Was it hard sometimes? Yes! There were days I felt like a cow.… Continue reading Mama Juice

Marriage, Me

Worth the Wait

You've read about how we met. After that, we dated many years before marriage. At the time I was frustrated about it. I wanted to get this thing started already, it had been over 5 years at this point.  We didn't argue much, but if we did it usually involved the phrase, just ask me… Continue reading Worth the Wait


Inside the Reflection

I try to clean weekly. That's a lie. It's closer to bi-weekly and by that I mean if I get around to it once a month. There once was a time I was very good about deep cleaning. Looking back, it was when I had nothing else on my plate. Now I do well to… Continue reading Inside the Reflection

Me, Mommy

Add 2 Cups of Sweet Memories

Despite what you read about my bean disaster, I actually love cooking. I haven't always. My poor mom tried many times to get me in the kitchen with her but I had zero interest. Then one day I discovered this thing called a cooking show. I was instantly hooked. Watching how the ingredients and flavors… Continue reading Add 2 Cups of Sweet Memories