Invisible Axe

I wasn't going to discuss this on my blog. I likely never will again, but today it's weighing on me, which means the words need to escape, which means I'm writing about it. Here it goes. It's like a little, terrible secret you pack around with you. You try to stuff it down into the… Continue reading Invisible Axe

Marriage, Me

Beyond the Fabric

Can dirty socks bring joy? Being married to someone really takes love and dedication. It's taking two lives that made it many years on Earth apart and sticking them in a confined space together to figure it out. It's finding out the other folds towels different (and wrong). It's learning each other's routine and strange… Continue reading Beyond the Fabric

Me, Mommy

This One Time in the Car Rider Line

First, to all the teachers and staff standing outside before and after a long day in all types of weather helping these kids get into school and home safely, you're awesome and we appreciate you immensely! The car rider line is the highlight of my days now. According to my husband anyway. He says when I tell him… Continue reading This One Time in the Car Rider Line


Why Am I Doing This?

Why do you write? I've been asked this question several times. (I've also asked myself.) I have no idea. Have a nice day! ... Ok, fine. I'll try to delve into the answer, dig down deep and attempt figure it out as I'm writing this. I've always loved the written word. It fascinates me how… Continue reading Why Am I Doing This?

Me, Mommy

Mama Juice

I came across this poem I wrote several months ago, so guess it's time to share it! First, a little background. I've always been a big advocate of breastfeeding. I nursed for 39 months total, and wouldn't change one second of it. Was it hard sometimes? Yes! There were days I felt like a cow.… Continue reading Mama Juice


Another Year, Another Tiara

When birthdays rolled around (many birthdays ago) I felt excited. I didn't really think about it until the day of, maybe the day before. As a child I didn't have the mindset to look ahead very far on the calendar. My parents always made my birthday extra special. Every single year I woke up to… Continue reading Another Year, Another Tiara


Inside the Reflection

I try to clean weekly. That's a lie. It's closer to bi-weekly and by that I mean if I get around to it once a month. There once was a time I was very good about deep cleaning. Looking back, it was when I had nothing else on my plate. Now I do well to… Continue reading Inside the Reflection