Me, Mommy

If You Have Kids, Remember These 4 Words…

It was about this same time last year. A time when my eyes were perpetually red and puffy from crying every 10 minutes. My first child, my little sidekick, my hilarious little buddy was going to kindergarten. I was determined I would not survive the first two weeks and couldn't even imagine beyond that. We… Continue reading If You Have Kids, Remember These 4 Words…


28 Love Letters- the Update

  Can we all travel back about 6 weeks ago. I know it's asking a lot, but it's vital to the rest of this post. If you weren't with me that long ago, first I'm sorry you missed out on all the greatness and second click here to read the original post. I'll wait. Are… Continue reading 28 Love Letters- the Update


The Cow

I was driving the usual route, a winding road filled with country and houses and mailboxes dangerously close to the edge. I was on my way to sit in a pick up line at school for far too long. A daily task with rules and procedures I can't seem to rationalize in my mind. Thoughts… Continue reading The Cow