Just Laugh

All the boxes and bags had been ripped and torn open on Christmas morning. Toys were scattered along the floor ready to be played with for the first time…and what does my child gravitate to first? The $2 whoopee cushion from his stocking. (You know, the bag you blow up and when squeezed or sat… Continue reading Just Laugh

Me, Mommy

It’s Just the Angle, Right?

It's a funny thing, how you start to have a new take on life and things suddenly start happening to make you question everything. I was just starting to convince myself to look beyond the surface when this phone incident happened. I'm very cautious with my kids. We have outlet covers, door guards, magnetic locks on… Continue reading It’s Just the Angle, Right?

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Rogue One: An Imperfect Date Story

(You'll understand the title a little later. It makes me chuckle a little too hard.) At one time, I had extra time to get all dressed up for a date, including actually shaving my legs. I'm talking really shaved, not just the quarter leg quick shave. I could look close in a mirror to pluck… Continue reading Rogue One: An Imperfect Date Story