I Think

I think dresses are fun. I also think short dresses should come in special big booty sizes (an extra 3 inches of fabric in the back to account for the rear-lift issue). You know I'm right. I think the news is too scary and overly altered selfies are too scary and being an adult is… Continue reading I Think


The Only Gift

I still remember our first Christmas together. I won't dare say how many years ago it was. Fine...15. (See, now I'm all sad wondering how 15 years have gone by so quickly. I'll just push that down until later.) I wanted to impress this new guy. I got so many great, thoughtful, expensive gifts. A… Continue reading The Only Gift

Me, Mommy

Free Coffee and Mommy Tears

It's our 9th anniversary. We're celebrating at Barnes and Noble. I'm looking for books, not even for myself but for the kids. How things have changed! Our first anniversaries were spent traveling to the beach, even a great trip to Jamaica. I had to chuckle at how life has changed, but I'm still happy. Happier… Continue reading Free Coffee and Mommy Tears