Be the Tree

It's been really hot, for a really long time. I'm talking seatbelt burning, soaked skin, flame wind, melting hot. I keep searching for cooler temps to come, but they're not in the forecast.  When it's like this, I find the shade of a tree very comforting. I seek it. I feel like I can breathe… Continue reading Be the Tree

Me, Mommy

A Mama’s Day Off

The title might have thrown you off, it seems like a concept found only in a movie or maybe the deep corner of our mind.  The corner we sometimes curl up in when things get really crazy. You know, the place we visit daily.  A day off.  What would I do with a day off?… Continue reading A Mama’s Day Off

Me, Mommy

Let’s Figure This Out Together

Dear Firstborn,  I failed a lot with you, I still do. I did a lot right too. I hope those good things, the ones I'm proud of, are the things that flood your mind when you think back to this time. This time of growing so fast I can't hold on hard enough. This time… Continue reading Let’s Figure This Out Together

Me, Mommy

The Invisible Mom

Sometimes I walk into a room full of people, yet feel completely alone. It's like I'm completely invisible. Do you ever feel this way? I think we've all been there. Right? I also think nobody actually wants to admit or talk about it. Since my share filter is broken, I'm going there. I don't feel… Continue reading The Invisible Mom

Me, Mommy

Summer Sorting and Spinach Smoothies

It's day 40 something of summer vacation. I'm no longer hiding in the closet calling for reinforcements like day 4. I've got my game face on now and we're just knocking out this summer thing like champs. I ran this morning. I went further and faster than a few days ago. I'm good with that.… Continue reading Summer Sorting and Spinach Smoothies


Date Nights Are a Must

Date nights are a must. I'm not talking only if you remember it every 7 months. I mean a must, as in making an effort to make time for just the two of you. It's easy early on. The whole relationship is pretty much one big, exciting date. As the years tick on, as work… Continue reading Date Nights Are a Must

Me, Mommy

Let’s Talk Vacations With Small Kids

Let's talk family vacations with small kids, shall we? Before I get into anything on my mind about this topic, please know I love my family with my whole heart. I'm always grateful for any and all trips we get to take, no matter how far away or how many days. Making memories, traveling to… Continue reading Let’s Talk Vacations With Small Kids