Me, Mommy

A Love-Wrapped Christmas

It's December and I went to my favorite hobby store to pick up something totally unrelated to Christmas. Is that even legal? I'll have to check. That store, I promise you, has magical powers. It has the ability to switch my mind to autopilot, then it takes over the controls. Meanwhile, I'm helplessly navigated against… Continue reading A Love-Wrapped Christmas

Me, Mommy

Never in a Million Years

She stood in the kitchen cooking dinner, just like every other night. Except this time, she glanced up to see her children busy playing. She looked at them, really looked at them and she cried.  Never in a million years could she have imagined this day. Standing right smack in the middle of this life,… Continue reading Never in a Million Years

Me, Mommy

Mom-Friend Dating

I have my girls. The ones I can call or text anytime. The ones I can send a strange emoji and they know exactly how I'm feeling. We can go 4 hours or 4 days or 4 weeks without talking and it's ok. They know me and still love me, for that, they are my… Continue reading Mom-Friend Dating


Nail Confessions

Let's start with a confession. Are you ready? My nails went many years completely naked. It's true, most of my life...they've been bare. I know, I know. It's embarrassing to admit, but there's good news. I've finally started to dress them and all is well.  Today, I'm taking you on a step-by-step guide through my… Continue reading Nail Confessions

Me, Mommy

Fall Thoughts

Fall thoughts? Thoughts about Fall? Thoughts I currently have and it happens to be Fall? Whatever it is… here it goes. Burrito Mode I'm so excited for a break from the record heat. I can finally breathe. I can actually exit my house without instasweat. My toes are wiggling with joy. That said, burrito mode… Continue reading Fall Thoughts

Me, Mommy

Dear Mama, Keep on Hiking

We were on a family hiking trip. As usual, I packed a "just-in-case" backpack. There was a chance of rain, so I also had the kids' rain jackets hooked through each side of the bag and an umbrella dangling from my wrist. I thought nothing of it all…until a woman walked by us on the… Continue reading Dear Mama, Keep on Hiking

Me, Mommy

Mom Notes

To the mom rushing in late with wet hair, dragging quickly dressed kids and trailing muffin crumbs, you're my kind of girl. To the mom juggling a kid in each arm, an overstuffed backpack, a toy in her mouth and balancing a cup of coffee, I've been there, let's talk.  To the mom yelling across… Continue reading Mom Notes