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Worried Pink

We were in the bathroom staring at two pink lines on the counter, both in complete shock. We just celebrated a first birthday and discussed trying for a sibling... in the future. The shock remained until our first doctor appointment. The ultrasound tech moved her wand for too long. We'd been down this road before.… Continue reading Worried Pink

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This One Time in the Car Rider Line

First, to all the teachers and staff standing outside before and after a long day in all types of weather helping these kids get into school and home safely, you're awesome and we appreciate you immensely! The car rider line is the highlight of my days now. According to my husband anyway. He says when I tell him… Continue reading This One Time in the Car Rider Line

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Mama Juice

I came across this poem I wrote several months ago, so guess it's time to share it! First, a little background. I've always been a big advocate of breastfeeding. I nursed for 39 months total, and wouldn't change one second of it. Was it hard sometimes? Yes! There were days I felt like a cow.… Continue reading Mama Juice

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The Safe One

It helps to journey through life knowing there are others trekking right along with you. That's why friendships are so important. I think back to the friends I've had and how they often came into my life at the just right time. I also can't help but wonder if I ever had any influence on… Continue reading The Safe One

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It’s Just the Angle, Right?

It's a funny thing, how you start to have a new take on life and things suddenly start happening to make you question everything. I was just starting to convince myself to look beyond the surface when this phone incident happened. I'm very cautious with my kids. We have outlet covers, door guards, magnetic locks on… Continue reading It’s Just the Angle, Right?

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8 Things I Wish I Knew Before My Kid Started Kindergarten

I should start by saying we are only a week into school. I fully realize my list will expand as the days go on. For now, these are the things I didn't realize or expect would happen. Also, I should mention this is our first experience in a school, so I'm completely clueless. Maybe there… Continue reading 8 Things I Wish I Knew Before My Kid Started Kindergarten

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Hold the Flush

Let's talk potty training and automatic flushing toilets. First of all, my hatred for public bathrooms goes way back. It's one of those things that will forever haunt my mind and dreams. For years I had recurring toilet dreams. The stall door was too short, the toilet overflowed while I was on it, the walls… Continue reading Hold the Flush