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Love Sprinkles

We'll be celebrating 10 years of marriage next year. That concept has yet to actually make sense in my brain. I remember hearing people speak of 10 year anniversaries and it seemed like such a futuristic event in my mind. Like flying cars and robots cleaning the house. I just never pictured myself in that… Continue reading Love Sprinkles

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Worried Pink

We were in the bathroom staring at two pink lines on the counter, both in complete shock. We just celebrated a first birthday and discussed trying for a sibling... in the future. The shock remained until our first doctor appointment. The ultrasound tech moved her wand for too long. We'd been down this road before.… Continue reading Worried Pink

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Beyond the Fabric

Can dirty socks bring joy? Being married to someone really takes love and dedication. It's taking two lives that made it many years on Earth apart and sticking them in a confined space together to figure it out. It's finding out the other folds towels different (and wrong). It's learning each other's routine and strange… Continue reading Beyond the Fabric

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Worth the Wait

You've read about how we met. After that, we dated many years before marriage. At the time I was frustrated about it. I wanted to get this thing started already, it had been over 5 years at this point.  We didn't argue much, but if we did it usually involved the phrase, just ask me… Continue reading Worth the Wait

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Rogue One: An Imperfect Date Story

(You'll understand the title a little later. It makes me chuckle a little too hard.) At one time, I had extra time to get all dressed up for a date, including actually shaving my legs. I'm talking really shaved, not just the quarter leg quick shave. I could look close in a mirror to pluck… Continue reading Rogue One: An Imperfect Date Story

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Unlucky Beans

Very few people know about this story. It's one of those things you just choose not to share to avoid looking completely incompetent. I'm only sharing it now, because everyone is entitled to a few dumb moments in life. Maybe this one will make you feel better about yours. I was trying to be lucky.… Continue reading Unlucky Beans


It All Started With a Mop- Our Fairytale Love Story

I was working at an office supply store full-time and going to college full-time. It was a very busy, but also very exciting time. I could definitely function on much less sleep back then. One day while I was working, this guy walked in to apply for a job. I didn't see him because I… Continue reading It All Started With a Mop- Our Fairytale Love Story