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The Preparation H Incident

Before I get into what happened, let me start at the beginning. We had a rough month. The kids had the flu and double ear infections. One also had strep. We went through weeks of high fevers, doctors visits and zero sleep for mommy. Once they were finally better, my husband got sick. Cue single… Continue reading The Preparation H Incident

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Fly on the Wall

I remember hearing the phrase, "If I could be a fly on the wall" so many times in my life. As a child I literally imagined being a tiny insect sitting on a wall watching everything going on in the room. What must that look like? Now that I'm older I still wonder what I… Continue reading Fly on the Wall


What day is it?…A little peek inside a Mom Brain

Have you ever wondered what happens inside another mom's brain? Like, you've considered calling up Miss. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus and asking her to shrink down her little bus and drive right in into another mom's thought process? Yes? You understand and relate to at least half of what I just said? Then… Continue reading What day is it?…A little peek inside a Mom Brain


28 Love Letters- the Update

  Can we all travel back about 6 weeks ago. I know it's asking a lot, but it's vital to the rest of this post. If you weren't with me that long ago, first I'm sorry you missed out on all the greatness and second click here to read the original post. I'll wait. Are… Continue reading 28 Love Letters- the Update

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What I Really Want to Say to Other Moms

Moms, there's this thing we do and I think it's about time we change it. We put on a fake smile and lock up how we really feel. We pass by each other every single day, yet never really speak. You know I'm right. Sure, that's ok sometimes. I get it, nobody wants a constant… Continue reading What I Really Want to Say to Other Moms


9 Things

These are my 9 things. I've got many more, but you're only getting 9. Confessions? Secrets? I don't know, but this is hard to do, so no judging please. Yes, maybe I'll exaggerate a point or two for effect. Hopefully at least one or two will speak to someone else. 1. I first saw it… Continue reading 9 Things