Me, Mommy

Mommy, I’m scared too

photo-1581998392741-67879e0ef04aMommy, please listen close.
I have something important to say.
I’m young and may not understand,
but things are changing in a big way.

I’ve seen grown-ups whispering,
with worried looks on their faces.
They’re storing up food and working
at home and closing our favorite places.

They say it’s this new virus.
They say it makes people sick.
They say stay home and stay away
so it won’t spread around as quick.

I can see things are different now.
Though I may not know exactly why,
With these changes all around me,
sometimes I want to cry.

I left school on a Friday,
That was over a week ago.
I ask, “When can I see my friends again?”
All you say is, “I don’t know.”

I miss my teacher, I miss my friends,
and I even miss my school.
I miss high fives with the principal,
He is pretty cool.

Mommy, you’ve always told me to have patience with activities that are new.
Please have patience with me now,
This is something I’ve never done too.

School is suddenly in our dining room.
You’re my mommy and teacher too.
This is all weird, but we’ll figure it out,
just like we always do.

All this change is stressful for us both
and it hurts me when you get so mad.
See, I need love more than ever before.
Not words and actions that make me feel sad.

I watch everything you do,
I hear everything you say.
Show me there’s still good in the world,
Please show me how to pray.

Can’t we just stop like we did before,
to laugh or hug or play?
I see you’re scared and I am too, but
if we stick together, I know we’ll be ok.

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