Me, Mommy

A Love-Wrapped Christmas

It’s December and I went to my favorite hobby store to pick up something totally unrelated to Christmas. Is that even legal? I’ll have to check.

That store, I promise you, has magical powers. It has the ability to switch my mind to autopilot, then it takes over the controls. Meanwhile, I’m helplessly navigated against my will into aisle after aisle of crafts and festive eye goodies and sometimes…sometimes my hands grab things and sometimes… they carry them all the way to a register.

It’s true.

I’ve found myself in the parking lot holding bags and for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out how they got there. That’s what happened a few weeks ago. Except this time, it was two rolls of wrapping paper. One, plain brown kraft paper, the other plain red kraft paper.

What did I do, you ask? Well, I put them in the back of the mom van and drove off, still a bit dazed. Then I vowed two things. One, to figure out why I bought them and also to never let that magical store mind-control thing happen again.

That second vow may have already been broken, but let’s just move on.

That paper sat in the corner of my kitchen for a few days and as I passed by it, a little seed began to plant in my brain. It grew over time and one night as my family slept, the madness began.

I picked up a gift I’d bought for someone earlier that week. I tore open the brown paper and several cuts, folds, tapes and creases later…tada!

It was a plain brown box sitting on my kitchen table.

I walked away, still wondering why I bought that paper. Then, it called to me. It screamed to me. It begged for uniqueness and whimsical cheer. What did I do, you ask? Well, I obliged of course.

After rummaging through my craft boxes, my Christmas boxes and even my kids’ paint and paper boxes…the first little sprout of my planted seed began to emerge.

It all finally made sense. I was going to personally craft and paint every single gift this year. It was on. It was happening. It was a tad overwhelming.

I’m a SAHM, so some might think I have nothing but bucketloads of free time to twiddle my thumbs and stare at freshly mopped floors. That’s extremely laughable and a whole other topic for another day…but since I actually have zero free time, I set up a makeshift craft area.

By makeshift, I mean I stuck two unused Amazon boxes exploding with jumbled, crafty goodness next to the kitchen table so I could spend 30 minutes rummaging for tape and discover a hidden, sparkly pipe cleaner, perfect for an ornament creation.

My mind, much like my life, lives in unorganized chaos.

This messy box area remained on the floor and I just popped in whenever I had a spare few minutes and went to work. Like, while dinner was baking, time to run over and paint a reindeer. While the kids’ slept, time to cut, glue and create .

It was a whole process and a lot of work. It was also really awesome. I took each present, with the recipient in mind, and created a little piece of intentional thought and love right there on the package.

It made my brain do a creative two-step, my heart skipped along, my booty joined in and before long I was a happy dancing, glitter-covered, gift wrapping mama!

Yes, they’ll be ripped to shreds and tossed away in a few weeks. Yes, it might seem silly to some. Yes, I’m slightly worried the paint might bleed through onto the gifts. Yes, I likely can’t do this every year.

You know what though? All that is ok! It is something special I wanted to do this year!

I’m sharing all this along with some quickly snapped pictures of a few just in case it sparks an idea for someone else!

I know there are much craftier souls out there. I know they aren’t perfect. I also know they are made with love and I hope they bring a little extra joy this year!

However you choose to wrap this year, do it from the heart!


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