I Think

I think dresses are fun. I also think short dresses should come in special big booty sizes (an extra 3 inches of fabric in the back to account for the rear-lift issue). You know I’m right.

I think the news is too scary and overly altered selfies are too scary and being an adult is too scary so I’ll live in my bubble…just for today, maybe tomorrow too.

I think tacos are way better than lettuce wraps, but I also think lost weight pants feel way better than ate too many tacos pants and the whole thing makes me want to spin and scream.

I think romantic movies are ridiculous and predictable and I sappy smile through the entire thing. Every time.

I think we all crave great friendships yet actively avoid the commitment it takes. I think we should work on that.

I think pizza crust needs garlic butter as much as a Netflix binge needs a blanket. Both are crucial.

I think marriage is the whipped cream and a cherry on top of a best friend sundae.

I think tennis shoes were made for forgotten toenails and I wear them often.

I think we’re all unsure and insecure, some just hide it better or show it better.

I think everyone should laugh like a hold- you-down tickle war at least twice a day.

I think positive people are the jelly to a peanut butter life sandwich, they help hold it together and make it way more delicious.

I think birthdays should be celebrated for a week.

I think pancakes should be dipped in syrup, salad dipped in dressing and strawberries dipped in chocolate.

I think the most love should be poured over the ones who think they don’t deserve it.

I think sunrises and sunsets are equally magnificent.

I think some mornings call for a 7 minute side toilet snooze on the way to the shower. They just do.

I think a child’s laughter could bring the coldest heart to warmth.

I think certain people are placed in our path at just the right time and recognizing it is an art.

I think harshly spoken words can be just as regretful as unspoken uplifting words.

I think people care less and hurt more and these are directly connected.

I think a new food group category should include coffee and chocolate, in that order.

I think we all have days of crying too much, needing too much, eating too much, loving too much, feeling too much, saying too much and I also think that’s ok.

I think we all secretly dance in the kitchen and have an unrealistic concept of what it actually looks like.

I think we all have thoughts that flow, sometimes like a lazy river and sometimes at approaching a waterfall speed and both need a safe drop-off point.

I think the ocean speaks to me because of its ability to make me feel insignificant and meaningful all at the same time.

I think home-dwelling is comfort and exploring is an adventure and we all need a little of both, but more of the first one.

I think written words are creative mind hugs and we all need more hugs.

I think we get one life with many chances and they all count and they all connect us.

I think you’re beautiful and strong and amazing.

I think my mind is done thinking thoughts…for now.

What do you think?

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