Be the Tree

It’s been really hot, for a really long time. I’m talking seatbelt burning, soaked skin, flame wind, melting hot. I keep searching for cooler temps to come, but they’re not in the forecast. 


When it’s like this, I find the shade of a tree very comforting. I seek it. I feel like I can breathe again. It gives my eyes a break from the bright light, my body a break from the burning rays. 

As I drove along my street today, I passed through a favorite area. It’s a stretch of road with large trees connecting over the road like a canopy. It’s a few moments of calm. It’s like a little vacation. That might sound silly, but if you ever find yourself driving through an area like this, really acknowledge it. Enjoy the break. 

Those trees, magnificent and mighty, grown from such a tiny seed, tower over us and shield us. 

How often do we feel life beaming down on us?  We look for calmer days, but they don’t seem to be in the forecast. The days never seem to have enough time for it all causing the leftovers spill into the next day.  Our children need good examples to learn how to successfully swim through life, yet we’re barely staying above water. 

Then, kindness comes along. 

Kindness is a shield from the scalding stress of life. A stranger, a friend, a spouse. Opening a door with a smile. A hug, just because. A compliment. An unexpected gift. A simple, thoughtful act. Prayers. Coffee with a friend. 

Kindness is our shade. Relief from the constant rays of bad news or anxiety or worry. Magnificent and mighty, grown from such a tiny seed. It towers over us and gives us comfort. We feel like we can breathe again.  It brings a little joy vacation. 

If you ever find yourself receiving an act of kindness, really acknowledge it. Seek ways to show kindness and be a canopy shield over others. 

Never underestimate its power. Carry it with you always. Be the tree!

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