Me, Mommy

A Mama’s Day Off


The title might have thrown you off, it seems like a concept found only in a movie or maybe the deep corner of our mind.  The corner we sometimes curl up in when things get really crazy. You know, the place we visit daily. 

A day off.  What would I do with a day off?

First, a little spa action. Which is actually the dentist. Time off is typically granted for dentist appointments. It would be relaxing, soft music playing, someone polishing my teeth, it’s quiet. Close enough. Then I’d bust out of there, with my cavity-free teeth because I’m full of tooth-care awesomeness, head to the mom van and turn on whatever music I want. 

Whatever music I want. 

Next thing I know, my van will steer to a window and order a small onion ring and a Jr. shake. A delicacy I haven’t had in years. I’ll hesitate when they accidentally give me a small shake, but then the cherry on top will catch my eye. I never actually get a cherry anymore. It’s always quickly swiped by tiny ninja fingers. I will giggle inside at the thought. 

Driving down the street, the onion rings burning my tongue because I just couldn’t wait, my van will veer right heading to Target like a magnet. A magnetic force should not be altered, so I’ll oblige. I will park and return to the van three times thinking I forgot something before realizing I’m just alone with nothing else to bring along. What a strange concept. 

I’ll walk in the store and suddenly feel completely naked. I’ll want to cover things and walk sideways out the door. There’s nothing holding me, nothing pulling or pushing or asking questions. It’s just me. It will feel weird and I won’t like it. Then, by aisle 6 I’ll be prancing by the frazzled, sweating, back-to-school shopping moms like a poodle with a fresh Dutch cut. Sorry mamas, I feel ya, but it’s my day off! 

I’ll walk slowly through the store. Yes I said slowly. Isn’t it sounding fantastic? I’ll sip my shake and reminisce about that one time I got to eat the cherry. I’ll pick things up and read labels and compare prices. Occasionally, I’ll forget and say, “please stop harassing your sister!” out of pure habit. I’ll ignore the strange looks given to the shake-drinking mom talking to herself in aisle 34.

I would probably drive home with great intentions. A jog on the treadmill, followed by mopping the floors and cleaning the fish tank will top the list. Then, I’d get home and discover a section of the couch I’ve never had a chance to sit on. It will call to me and I will say ok,  just to be nice. Then I would fall into a deep sleep, leaving a drool puddle, nothing a cushion flip couldn’t handle, and be startled awake at the silence. 

I’d slowly realize I really do miss my little energy balls and decide to go fetch them. I’d be thankful for the few hours to myself and realize a mama needs a break sometimes.  

A mama’s day off is rare. It’s a precious little gem in a sea full of hard-working and at times chaotic days. Do whatever you want with it, just always, always remember…eat the cherry. 


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