Me, Mommy

Summer Sorting and Spinach Smoothies

It’s day 40 something of summer vacation. I’m no longer hiding in the closet calling for reinforcements like day 4. I’ve got my game face on now and we’re just knocking out this summer thing like champs.

I ran this morning. I went further and faster than a few days ago. I’m good with that.


I also attempted to clean and organize the house today. With the kids still in the house. I’ll wait for you to stop laughing….

I’m blaming the delusion that this would actually work on sudden, urgent motivation that everything in the house must all be purged and organized immediately.

I thoroughly wiped counters and returned just minutes later to find them dirty again. I’m still conducting experiments to figure out how this phenomenon occurs.

I pulled out all the books from the shelf to organize them. I stopped counting at 8,532. I may have a book problem. I’m ok with that. Also, I don’t actually have that many books. The piles began to slowly get smaller as little feet scurried over and little hands quickly grabbed from the stacks. It appears book organization elicits the uncontrollable urge to read. I’m ok with that.

I mediated about 176 arguments. They mostly consisted of stolen property and first dibs. There were a few assaults with a stuffed animal. Nothing I couldn’t handle.

I walked into rooms to discover I had no idea why I was there. This occurred more times than my youngest can count, which is about 37. Refer back to mediation efforts…that can be distracting. I blame that.

I rescued a kid who climbed all the way up the doorframe and couldn’t get back down. I put ice on the forehead of a kid who tossed a hard toy in the air without regard for gravity.

I placed “bam-baids” on old boo-boos that were almost completely healed. I hear those are the most painful type of boo-boo out there and need immediate attention once they’re accidentally located.

I traversed electronic snake infested floors with the vacuum. I filled a giant inflatable pool. As if the water hose-wrangling sweat wasn’t drenching me enough, it came a sudden downpour…cue sad shrieks from eager, swimsuit clad child. That’s when defeat really began to set in.

To lift my spirits, had a spinach smoothie for lunch. I’m being sarcastic. Even “eats everything kid” wouldn’t try it. I drank it and it made me a little angry. We even had a few words. The spinach won.

Fine, I confess. I love spinach smoothies. Spinach, peaches, chia seeds, coconut water, blueberries. Yep, it’s true. Don’t be telling everyone though, ok?

Other things happened. I’m too tired to think of it all, but you get the point. Ultimately, I got hardly anything done on my list. Was any of it I did the best quality work. Nope. Do I care anymore? Nope. Ultimately, none of the things on my list will really matter in a few days anyway. Operation organize the house shall continue. I’m ok with that.

I vowed, more than once, to never attempt to clean the house again….

…Then, tonight we went outside after dinner. I watched as my kids stood barefoot blowing bubbles and running through the yard laughing… and you know what?

I was so thankful.

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