Kitchen Yoga

Several weeks ago I started doing some yoga stretches at night. It’s been something I really enjoy and I haven’t missed a night since starting this new hobby. I’m definitely not an expert, but I’ve got a few stretches down and I’ll just stick with that for now. 


Today, as I was cooking dinner, I found myself with a few spare minutes while waiting for the noodles to boil. The kids were busy with their own projects. I had everything else ready for dinner, so I did it.

I started stretching, right there in the middle of the kitchen.

Once I got to the downward-facing dog stretch, (you know, rear in the air, head down, hands and feet flat on the ground pose) I started to look around. I found the runaway blueberry I’d searched for this morning. I noticed under the cabinets looked different than the front. I located corner crumbs both the broom and vacuum missed. I saw a piece of hardwood floor with a knot placed just right so it wouldn’t be seen.

The whole room, the one I practically live in all day long, looked completely different.

As I stood there listening to the water boil, noticing these things, I realized something. Maybe we just need to flip upside down sometimes. Maybe, occasionally, we should walk through every part of our life and look at it with a flipped perspective.

We’ll find those areas deep in the corner we thought were emptied of all their messy crumbs, only to discover there’s still a few lingering we need to sweep up. Maybe we’ll see things about ourselves we never noticed before. Hopefully we’ll pull those knotted pieces of imperfections out of hiding and show them off. Maybe we’ll find that runaway hope or solution we’d been looking for and can pick it up before it shrivels.

Next time you’re cooking dinner, stick that rear up and look around. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll discover a few things as well.

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