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A No Thank You Day

How many times a day do we say no to our kids? If we had a second of extra time or an ounce of extra energy, maybe we could actually calculate it…but for now let’s go with a lot.  

Whether it’s wanting extra screen time, or another new toy we know will end up in the lonely bin of forgotten toys, or they’re considering jumping from the playhouse roof to see if they can fly, no is a common word. Sure, we also use maybe later or go ask your dad to break up the monotony, but the end result remains.

Now, how often do we tell ourselves no?

I started making a summer calendar months ago. I wanted to fill as many days as possible with exciting summer adventures. I thought if there was a void we’d surely all die from boredom. While I still fully believe having some type of structure for kids makes for better days…I’ve learned some things. As week 2 of summer comes to an end, I’m going to share a little secret.

I’m tired.

I’m tired and  I’m saying no to myself today. It’s something that’s not easy for me, but mamas, we need to say no. We need to look after us sometimes too.

Have your fun days. Have plans and bucket lists. Make those memories. Sometimes though… sometimes it’s ok to grab that color-coded calendar and shove it where the adventure can’t be seen. Say no to the alarm clock and drool on the pillow a little longer. Give the kids a box of cereal and let them make everyone breakfast today.

Turn off social media and forget what anyone else is doing. Tomorrow we can share the No Thank You Day memo. No reading blogs about how we should be superhero moms all summer (unless you’re reading mine, of course!)

Be a Supermom tomorrow.

Today? It’s yours. Make 10 cups of coffee and drink each one of them before they get cold. Kick your feet up and look through an entire magazine. The whole thing, cover to cover. I’m not even joking here. Do it.


Let the kids build forts all over the house. Let them have marshmallows roasted over a Lego fire for lunch. Let them hunt for lions in the backyard. Let them go on a boat ride in their empty kiddie pool with plastic golf clubs as oars. Let them create their own adventure day. They’ll love the break too. Jump in, only when needed. Otherwise, say no thanks. Let them see you taking care of you.

Walk by those dirty dishes and say, not today! I promise they won’t explode. They won’t take a selfie and post it. They’ll remain quietly stacked with chicken nugget remnants until morning. Same with the laundry pile. It will be just fine placed in a timeout corner. Walk around that sticky circle in the floor from the glass of spilled milk and say, peace out, yo! Today, Mama says no thank you! The mop will work tomorrow too.

Here’s your last challenge. It’s a big one. Crawl into the bed… in the middle of the day…I know, I know it will be hard. Trust me here. Turn on a movie, invite your snuggle babies to join you and watch the whole movie. Do it. You’ll thank me for this one.

It’s ok to say no. Especially to yourself. Even Supermom needs a day off sometimes.



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