With You by My Side

photo-1549048799-bf3b582ee17bMy ten year anniversary is approaching.  Naturally I’m getting all reflective and lovey and sentimental in preparation. The following is a result of this state of mind. Hope you enjoy!

It’s been a blink, yet a lifetime.

A decade of days stacked together, connecting like powerful and delicate stones to create a forever foundation and comforting walls.

Walls that created a home.
A home that grew with love.
Love that carries us through time .
Time that passes with each hand-painted sunset.
Sunsets displayed with unique beauty, even through mighty storm clouds.

With you by my side,
Countless conversations linger into the still, dark night.
A familiar glance is noticed across a crowded room.
A welcoming embrace erases a hard day.
A calming smile lifts a heavy heart.
Slow-dances transport us to a different world.

Loving words soothe a worried mind.
Laughter that leaves a sore stomach and eyes trailed with tears.

Trials are overcome with prayer, forgiveness and love.

With you by my side,
There’s excitement of new adventures.
Sacrifice for hearts that beat beyond our own chests.
The honor of living and growing older as unconditional love grows with us.

Learning together.
A lifetime of love.

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