28 Love Letters- the Update


20190306_094029Can we all travel back about 6 weeks ago. I know it’s asking a lot, but it’s vital to the rest of this post. If you weren’t with me that long ago, first I’m sorry you missed out on all the greatness and second click here to read the original post. I’ll wait.

Are you back? Ok, so February is now over. 28 whole days have gone by in a flash. The first few weeks went pretty great. I was moving right along with my love letter list then, bam! Everyone got sick. By everyone I mean just the kids and by sick I mean really sick. Like the doctor saying hospitalization is the next option sick. Needless to say, now 3 weeks later with one family member still sick, I’m a walking “mombie”.


We delivered yummy cookies, made candy bags, handed out Valentine’s to strangers, mailed cards, and texted sweet words. Thankfully, I did get to experience the wonderful effects of this little project before my house turned into a disaster zone. Unfortunately, not everyone on my list received a love note because I had to put it on pause. I still plan to continue though. For now  here’s what I learned…

1. Sending love is joyful

I can’t even begin to tell you how exciting it was to write out little cards for people or think of personalized things to text. I hoped that each and every one would bring a smile to that person or brighten their day. One cashier we visit frequently at the grocery still had her Valentine taped up the following week. The postal carrier left a sweet thank you note in my box. A few people sent back very sweet words in response. I did not expect or anticipate any of that, but I got those little giddy jumps in my belly each time.

2. Small acts cause big effects

I had several people respond with things such as, I really needed to hear that, or you made my day. If just a minute of time can cause a whole day, or even longer, positive impact on someone… sign me up!

3. We should do this all year

What keeps us from sharing love with others all year? We think of it on birthdays or holidays, but what about a random Tuesday? They sell boxes of blank cards with cute little pictures on the front. Get a box and keep it handy on a counter or even in your car. We always have a spare minute or two to jot down a hello or encouragement and hand it or mail it!

4. It doesn’t need to be hard

I’m not suggesting anything elaborate here. I know we’re all very busy. I also know if we have time to watch a ballgame or binge watch Netflix we can surely take time to reach out to a friend and ask how their day was, or call our family and chat or fix a few notes to leave on someone’s car.

I hope you did a few love notes this year! If not, that’s ok but I promise it will take you on a great journey!

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