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A Message of Hope: For All the Moms Worrying About Kindergarten

Dear (Almost) Kindergarten Mom,

I have four words for you.

You Can Do This!

Ok, actually I have way more words, but we’ll start with that.

This is to all the moms (and dads) out there who are inching ever so close to your child’s first year of school. You’re about to get them registered and head to open houses. If it’s your first time doing all this and you’re scared and a little freaked out and sad, keep reading– I’m talking to you!

If you’re like I was this time last year, you’ve been counting down the months. I admit, I even had a heart-hurting moment the very minute the clock struck midnight last New Year’s Eve. I knew it had just turned into the year it would all begin.

I thought of it daily through that spring and summer. I tried to get in as much fun as possible. It was almost like I thought he’d be going away forever, but he didn’t. For therapy, I wrote a letter to his teacher (a person I didn’t even know the name of yet), I wrote him a letter. I cried at night, while cooking, while getting ready, while passing school supplies at the store. It struck me at random times. The whole thing was pretty traumatic. (I also made sure he never knew this. To him I was super excited and sure about the whole thing, because I wanted him to be excited and sure!)

I know there are moms out there doing the same right now. It’s ok, I won’t tell anyone you’re having daily meltdowns. Just know you’re not alone. In fact, in the first week of school I talked to many other moms who admitted they were also really struggling with this new chapter.

Guess what? It will be ok! I’m bringing you hope.  I’ve now traveled 100 days of this journey and I’ve survived. You will too!

The children at our schools are celebrating 100 days of school this week. I honestly don’t remember that being a thing when I was in school…mumble something… years ago. Do you? They make t-shirts and have a whole day of fun celebration. I think it’s great. (I’m also grateful his teacher let them make their shirts during class…so I didn’t have to!) They deserve to celebrate. They’ve also survived this new experience!

As I drove him to school this morning, I decided to reflect a little today. During that process, I also decided it would be selfish not to share with upcoming kindergarten moms that it’s possible to get through this. I wish more moms had given me that hope. You don’t think so right now, even with me telling you this, but please keep those words tucked away in your mind. I’ll say it again, it’s possible to get through this! 

I won’t lie. It’s not always easy. The first few weeks were (me) daily crying after dropping him off and everyone adjusting to this new life. It was learning to let him “detox” after school with playing or quiet time before bombarding him with questions and kisses. It was wiping tired tears and listening to stories and watching my little boy grow up overnight.

It was also watching him discover new friendships, rapidly learning so many fun things, being excited over PJ day, show-and-tell and being the line leader. It was watching him discover the world and learning life lessons. It was developing friendships with the teachers, parents and staff. It was fun class parties and surprising him at lunch.

It has all gone by very quickly and there’s still so much to experience! It has also gone way better than I ever expected. I know you won’t stop worrying, but from someone who survived the first 100 days, I just want to say…

You can do this!


A mom who thought she wouldn’t survive Kindergarten

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