Pity, Party of One, Please?

photo-1453227588063-bb302b62f50bI want to be angry. I want to cry. I want to curl up in bed and cover up the day with a soft, fluffy blanket. I want to wrap up so tight the day can’t seep in through the cracks. Pity, party of one, please?

Bad days happen and can happen to anyone at any time. There’s something special about crummy days though. Something I didn’t always consider. Each time they happen we can choose how to react.

I typically want to have the whole one person pity party and dwell about all that is wrong while sipping on pity punch. Those parties are destructive and change absolutely nothing. It just allows the mind to maintain negative focus, prolonging the bad day.

Sometimes I want to cry. I’m talking go into the closet and ugly cry or hug my husband and sniffle into his safe arms, or even boo hoo right there over the spilled blueberries. I am a big advocate in letting those feelings out. The catch is- after they’re out, you have to pick yourself up, dry your puffy eyes and keep going. Staying past your welcome in cry town isn’t usually helpful or healthy.

My son recently had a terrible morning getting ready for school. He wanted to play but had to get dressed, he spilled all his pencils and he got toothpaste on his shirt. Nothing super terrible, but enough to cause a few tears and, “Mama, I’m having a very bad day.”

I sat with him, let him cry a minute and then we discussed options. I told him he could choose to be grumpy and upset the rest of the day or he could smile and work on making it a better day. It didn’t take long to choose smiling. He decided grumpy days were a waste of time. I thought that was a great way to think of it.


One way I’ve found to help knock off the bad day funk is to focus on at least one thing I’m thankful for. The list typically grows, but I start there. I then lift up my worries in prayer and spend a few minutes reflecting on the bigger picture. Finally, a nice cup of coffee and maybe even a chat with a friend and the bad day is defeated.

I’m not speaking about life-changing events that require serious time to recover from. That’s a different level of bad day.

All I’m saying is, wipe up the spilled milk, smile and wave at less than thoughtful drivers, take deep breaths and enjoy the break while waiting in a slow line, put your funky hair up and go, laugh at the unexpected, pray for the person treating you disrespectfully

If it’s something I can’t change or if I can say that in a few minutes, hours or days…it will really won’t matter… then I don’t let it ruin my day!

Three deep breaths to more positive thinking…and go!

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