28 Love Letters

photo-1528329140527-75853b1e1650.jpegI check the mailbox daily. While it’s usually advertisements or bills, around birthdays or holidays it’s fun to get a card or unexpected little treat. My in-laws are amazing about thinking of my kids and sending them little surprises. I love to see the joy on their faces when there’s a card or package just for them.

Thinking of this gave me an idea.

There’s a holiday coming up next month. It’s one I haven’t always liked. There were many years I felt sad when I didn’t have someone in my life to share the day with. As I’ve grown older, I think this day can be about love, in all forms. Friendships, family, spouse, kids, hey– even show the pet some love!


In case you didn’t catch it, I’m referring to Valentine’s Day.

While deep down I think it’s gone commercially overboard, I can’t help but feel excitement walking into stores and instantly being transported to a pink and red love world. If strange stares wouldn’t follow…I’d squeal while skipping down the aisles throwing glitter and chocolates, squeezing fluffy stuffed animals, and leaving a trail of heart banners. Don’t lie, you know it sounds fun.

Ok sorry, I got lost in a heart-shaped thought bubble there… where was I?

Oh, yes. Why am I blubbering about all this…something that’s weeks away, you ask? Well, the idea I have needs some extra thought. If anyone wants to try it I’m giving plenty of time to prepare.

Hear me out. Like I said, this will take time and thought. Imagine the amount of love we could share if we all sent a sweet card to someone each day next month. (That would be 28 someones.) I’m sure we can all think of 28 people, right?

Even if it’s someone we haven’t talked to in a while. Write a “you’re awesome” note to the cashier at the grocery, your mail carrier or delivery person. Order pizza and when it arrives, hand them a nice tip with some encouraging words. Reach out to an old friend, hand out Valentine’s at a nursing home, leave a few cookies at your neighbor’s door. The options are out there, now’s your time to get planning!

It doesn’t even have to be a card. A text, phone call, email, visit. Just something, little “love letters”, to let that person know they’re special to you and they are loved! Don’t we all love to feel loved?


We always celebrate this day with cute breakfasts, decorations and extra hugs. I recently saw an idea to put a heart each day of February on your child’s door with something you love about them. That sounds pretty fun too and I may attempt that as well. I’m just expanding on that and hopefully sharing love beyond our own walls.

Love is contagious and I think we need to spread it more now than ever.  Don’t you? 

I know my blog doesn’t reach many, but even if only a few people sent only a few love letters, wouldn’t that be amazing?!

If you decide to do this with me, please leave a comment! I’d love to hear from you!

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