Me, Mommy

Sweet Dreams

First of all, I’m not promoting or discouraging co-sleeping/ bed-sharing. I respect whatever decision any family makes about it!

Before I had kids, I never really thought about them sleeping in my bed. Then when they came along, I added it to my list of things to research and decided it was something I was comfortable with. It’s been a precious time I wouldn’t change.

Now that they’re a little older, it’s getting to be a bigger challenge when they climb in my bed. Please don’t mistake this for complaining, I’m not complaining here. I chose to let them climb in anytime they want and I love it!

Here’s a few things that happen in a full bed, maybe others can relate…


The Fluffy Tummy
No matter how soft and fluffy their pillow may be, mommy’s tummy is more comfortable. To see the expression on their face, head bobbling each time I breathe, I can only assume it must be like floating on a cloud coaster. Sometimes they even squeeze the cloud for good measure. I wonder if they’ll grow up wanting to knead dough to fall asleep? Let’s hope not.

Toe Diggin’
This one gets worse with colder weather. They dig their sweet, dagger feet into ribs, under legs, in armpits. The little heat seekers will dig around until the perfect warm source is located. Under the booty is not even spared. Meanwhile, I’m all wide awake wondering when the Great Digathon will end so I can go back to sleep without fear of a rogue long toenail.

Throat chop
Let’s face it. Kids are floppers. I’m not sure when this ends. I pretty much fall sleep and remain a snoring log until morning. Kids are apparently programmed to flop approximately every 15 minutes. Do they turn into night fish? Is it residual energy escaping in the form of spontaneous jumping? Either way, it’s a good idea to take cover. Arms, legs, sometimes even a head will fly at you. The worst is the chop to the throat from a flailing limb. One minute you’re happily dreaming of hiring a maid and a chef with a sleep smile and all, the next you’re wide awake choking. I’ve warned you, take cover ya’ll.

Perpendicular shuffle
I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been one to sleep with my head at the head of the bed and my feet at the foot of the bed. I mean, it’s even labeled. Kids do not get this memo for a while. They like to sleep perpendicular. That doesn’t exactly work out, now does it? This essentially forces me to sleep with 5 inches of bed, desperately hanging on the edge while they have the full width. In case you’ve ever seen me chugging a pot of coffee, now you have the backstory.

Midnight talker
I’ve heard of people talking in their sleep. I’m not sure if I’ve ever done it. I’m asleep. The first time my child did it, I didn’t know what was happening. It was the middle of the night. All was miraculously quiet. Then, there was suddenly the sound of a conversation, including laughter. I shot straight up, looked around. Who dat? (Name that movie!) Then I saw the issue. This tiny figure in the covers next to me was telling someone in dreamland about a funny incident and decided to just say it all out loud. I eavesdropped a minute, had a good chuckle and went right back to sleep. Good times. No wonder I have dark circles.

Feet Surprise
You know how I mentioned the perpendicular sleep position? Well, that combined with the flopping issues, causes Feet Surprise. This is when you go to sleep with a head next to you and wake up at some point of the night with feet staring at you, or on your cheek. Worst case scenario is Toe in Nose. I don’t recommend letting it get to that point.

The Rooster
Once upon a time, I had an alarm. I set the time, I could hit snooze as many times as I wanted. It was pretty awesome. Now, I often wake before the sun has even entered the sky to big eyes half an inch from mine. If I pretend to sleep I can squeeze in a five-minute snooze. If I hint that my eyes will open, even slightly, the hovering eyes get wider and an excited little voice whispers, is it time to get up? I’m sorry, does anyone else notice it’s still dark out? I don’t have to function until my alarm goes off, right? Then come the giggles and who can sleep through sweet giggles?

Snuggle Monster
Through it all, only one very important thing matters. My snuggle monsters. They love this time too and I know one day, when it’s least expected, they won’t want to sleep in my bed. I’ll mourn that day and can’t even imagine it. For now, anytime they want in my bed, I’ll gladly endure throat chops, digging toes, early rising, midnight voices, tummy squishing and the best snuggles and giggles around.

Sweet dreams!

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