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Dear Husband, You are appreciated…

Dear husband,

Thank you. For loving me the same at my best and worst. For knowing when I’m acting frustrated about one thing because I’m actually worried about something else, even when I don’t recognize it. Thank you for holding me and saying it will be ok and calming my entire world.

Thank you. For providing for us.  For driving to work each day and thinking about hard stuff and fixing hard problems, all while missing us. For listening to my silly problems while you have big problems waiting to be fixed. For never complaining, not once, about any of it.

Thank you. For always believing in me. Even when I don’t, because I never do. For pushing me, squashing my excuses and holding me through triumphs and failures. For seeing things in me I’ve never thought were possible.

Thank you. For loving our children so hard. For researching with me about medicine and discipline and education. For understanding when the house is a mess. For staying up all night with me and a sick baby because you know I’m worried. For coming home exhausted and still taking over so I can breathe. For saying you appreciate all I do.

Thank you for sacrificing for us. For making sure we’re all clothed and fed first. For sleeping on the bed you find uncomfortable because your child needs you. For not buying things I know you want sometimes. For putting your projects or hobbies on hold to spend time as a family instead.

Thank you. For fixing all of our messes. From broken toys to furniture to cars to computers and TVs to clogged pipes. We rarely need to call anyone to fix anything. It amazes me how you know so much about so many things.

Thank you. For leading our family. Keeping us going. Taking us to church, reading the Bible to us and praying every night. For teaching our children right from wrong and always wanting them to succeed. For knowing this all takes hard work and will never be perfect.

Thank you. For coming home with tickles or music or silly voices to make us laugh and brighten our day. For rubbing my back and saying my dinners are good when we all know sometimes they’re not. For saying I’m beautiful, even after growing children has changed my body. For still looking at me like I’m a princess at the end of a long day when I feel anything but pretty.

Thank you for dancing with me in front of the kids. For always kissing me goodbye. For programming sweet songs to play at the house while you’re at work. Your daughter still gets excited to hear the song Perfect by Ed Sheeran on the radio. She says it’s daddy’s love song to mommy. I hope she grows up to find a husband who plays her love songs. Your son, he looks up to you doing sweet things for me. He is watching and learning. I hope he takes this knowledge with him for his future wife.

I think of all these things daily. With the struggles and stresses of life I don’t say them enough. Please know with each day that passes, I love and appreciate you.


Your wife

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