Rough Ride

We made it to Fall break. Celebrate! The weeks flew by so fast, it scares me to think how quickly the next few years will go. I refuse to think about that right now. I sat through the grueling pick up line, just moments away from the start of our fun week. I had everything planned and ready.

I finally retrieved my overly excited child. He’d been counting down the days to this week. We had a few squeals and woohoos. I started traveling to Grammy’s house where we were eating dinner that night.

I was in the middle lane of crazy after school traffic. We were all singing as loud as we could. My van suddenly did a little shake. I can only describe it like a dog shakes off water after a swim. It took my brain several seconds to register that it was not right. (Sidenote: My knowledge of cars and how they operate is lacking. Big time.)

My mind panicked. The van started the dog shake again. What did I do? Grabbed my phone and called my husband. As if the dancing van, screaming kids, baby shark music and cars all around me weren’t enough of a distraction. I can only imagine what this scene must have looked like from the next lane.

He actually answered. That’s a miracle all by itself. I immediately started screaming that the van was convulsing and I’m pretty sure it will blow up and I can’t pull over anywhere because I’m stuck at a red light.

He was trying hard to find out exactly how bad it actually was. I just kept screaming. The light finally turned and I was terrified to move. It shook more and more, I felt like I was in a lowrider bounce competition, minivan style. I hope someone got a video. Then, the check engine light came on. Oh. My. Stars. Did I just pass out? Where am I? Not the check engine light.


My husband stopped trying to rationally speak at this point. He just kept repeating to pull off as soon as I could and to stop screaming. I finally got through two of the longest stop lights of my entire life. I pulled into a parking lot, turned off the certain death on wheels and finally stopped screaming. My poor children were frozen in fear in the backseat. Baby shark was somehow still playing, no wait that was just the version permanently embedded in my brain.

I heard a voice calling. Hello, hello?? Oh yeah, husband was still on the phone. I peeled it from my shaking hand, put it up to my ear and told him I was stopped. He then said the craziest thing I’ve ever heard in my life. Look under the hood.

Sorry what was that? You want me to lift that heavy thing up and look inside? That door that will decapitate me if I don’t secure it just right. You want me to stick my head over that hot engine that almost just killed me and look at (what I would see as) a pile of strange, dirty parts and gadgets neatly packed into a box. No thanks. I’m good.

There was a long sigh and a few jumbled words. I’d like to think they were something about how much he loved me and he’d be right there. The words I heard didn’t match up though. He did arrive soon and I finally stopped shaking.

He was able to repair the problem the next morning. I was planning to push the possessed chunk of metal off a cliff, but he assured me it was a minor issue. I was also informed I might have (not so) slightly overreacted to some minor rough idling.

I still get nervous driving down the road thinking it will happen again. He’s vowed to teach me more about cars to avoid any repeat incidents. Fall break didn’t start off as expected, but it all still worked out.

What did I learn? I need to take, When a Car Jumps Down the Street 101. Also, that I’m thankful to have an awesome guy who is always there to help and not judge. Does he laugh at me? Oh yes. Who can blame him!

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2 thoughts on “Rough Ride”

  1. That’s just way to funny!!! A class in what to do will definitely help! Wish I could have seen it I’d laugh myself sick. Just ribbing ya! 😀


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