The Tell Challenge

photo-1529251333259-d36cccaf22eaI’ve so often wondered why we keep certain thoughts to ourselves. Things we notice or admire about others. Times we’ve been uplifted or felt special at the thoughtfulness of another. Why are those impressions kept inside so many times?

Think of a funeral you’ve been to. All the amazing stories and thoughts and kind words poured out about the person. Did they ever know how these people felt? Think of the joy it would have brought to their heart knowing the impact they made on so many.

Why is it so hard for us to express compliments or tell another person they inspire us? What would happen if we all made a point to actively find people each day to lift up? What are we waiting for?


Scream it into a microphone, grab an actual phone and call them, write a letter, watch the sunset, grab some coffee, just say it when you see them. Whatever you pick, just say it.


We all know life is so fragile. Tomorrow or even five minutes from now isn’t guaranteed for anyone. How many times have we waited until it’s too late and regretted not telling someone how amazing they are?

A teacher who pushed you harder and you’ve never forgotten their kind help. Parents who love you and have always been there. A doctor who listened and held your hand through hard times. A friend who carries you through struggles. A spouse who believes in you. Another mom who gave you encouragement or advice. A sister you look up to. A mentor who taught you so much by example.

Whatever the situation, we should all be eager to tell that special person just how much they mean to us. Maybe you already do this. I struggle to always keep it in mind, but I’m sure going to try.

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