Game of Foams

* Title credit goes to the hubby. (He was pretty proud of it.)

Y’all, I can’t wait to say this. I’m so excited. Are you ready? No, I can’t do it. Ok, 1…2…3… wait, what were we talking about again?

Ah yes, I was about to share some exciting information. There are exactly 8 days until Fall! Or is it 7? What day is it again? Close enough, it’s very soon. Ok, I get it. You’re now rolling your eyes. Why is this crazy girl getting all worked up over a season?

I really don’t know. Maybe it’s because I see it all around me? Because stores have been pushing it for over two months already? Oh I know, it’s because I’m ready to stop sweating the minute my mama hips reluctantly enter the outdoor summer sauna.

There are many reasons I get a bit giddy during this time. For one, any season change gives me the excuse to make a new front door wreath. This is a somewhat new thing I’ve started. It’s like I really don’t even know myself anymore. Who knew I’d be the crazy wreath lady?

Two years ago I might have put up a Christmas wreath I found on clearance at Target. If I even remembered, I pulled it out of storage for the 6th year, adjusted a few crumbled bows, threw it on the door and never thought about it again until time to take it down. The rest of the year I guess my front door screamed, Go away!

One day I had this overwhelming urge to make my own wreath. Some people strive to obtain higher education, learn to fly a plane, go scuba diving. Me? I wanted a foam circle, some burlap and a glue gun. High achiever right here folks.

Once that first wreath was finished, it was like I’d created a crazy craft monster. I was hooked. I loved the time looking for just the right flowers or fabric and the time actually making it. Maybe it was so important because I was finally emerging from the overwhelming blanket of constant mom duties.

Maybe it’s because I actually took “me” time.

Lean in close now so I can whisper. This part is a bit embarrassing. I actually watched DIY videos. For wreath making. Oh my word. I didn’t even know there was such a thing. Now, these ladies, the professionals, they give their whole entire being to this art. I wouldn’t even attempt to be on that level. They’ve thought this stuff out big time. Maybe you’ll see me on one someday. (Insert snort laugh here.)

I quietly thanked them for their tips, crawled out of the closet I was watching in (don’t worry, thankfully nobody saw me ) and I decided to use absolutely none of the advice they gave. I set out on my adventure completely alone, blindly gathered my supplies (usually going back 3 times for things I forgot) and I tackled this round ring of terror until I was mostly satisfied. That’s how it all started. Exhilarating, I know.

This one is my latest creation. Or attempt? Or abomination? I blame the picture. Keep all negative thoughts to yourself. My novice wreath making heart can’t take it. I actually had it ready to hang a few weeks ago. I even went, on my birthday, to find a matching doormat. That’s called dedication, or is it delirious? Either way, this mat makes me way too happy. Is there a doormat support group I should know about. No? Ok.

Maybe one day I’ll take pictures of the process. This particular wreath was chaos on the kitchen table, complete with mad scientist laughter once complete. Who thinks to take progress pictures at a time like that?

I’m sure there are people who’ve made these for many years. You can laugh at me, it’s ok. I’m sure there are people who don’t care one bit about this, I’ve seen your naked doors. I’m sure there are people who say, just buy one already made. What, and miss all this fun? I’m sure there are people who might decide to give this a try too. Go for it! (It will stay between us if you watch a DIY video too.) May we all strive to clothe our frigid front doors this Fall and give others a warm wreath welcome!

Happy Fall Y’all!

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