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Love Sprinkles

We’ll be celebrating 10 years of marriage next year. That concept has yet to actually make sense in my brain. I remember hearing people speak of 10 year anniversaries and it seemed like such a futuristic event in my mind. Like flying cars and robots cleaning the house. I just never pictured myself in that scenario.

Now, here we are in a non-flying mini van full of kids and I’m the cleaning robot. The years went by quickly but looking back it also feels like several decades have passed. Strange, but true. We journeyed through college days and first “real” job days and newlywed days and first house days and pregnancy, baby, toddler, school days. We journeyed through them all …together.

Now, here we are. The same two people who met and fell in love over work and walks to class, yet in other ways here we are, two completely different people changed slightly through each season. Many people look at these changes as bad things. Reasons to no longer love the other or drift apart, they aren’t the person I signed up for. Sure, that’s one way to look at it.

What if instead, it was a reason to love them more?

From day one, listening to each other has been one of the best survival tools we’ve had through all this. Being confident enough in the relationship to talk about everything, honestly. Not just giving easy answers and fretting about it later. Actually getting to the root, pulling it out together and sticking around to clean the dirt off.

Once kids and work and bills and all the hard parts came along it got harder to find the love, to feel that way we did going on random dates or leisurely traveling or just talking until well past midnight. It got harder because then came actually remembering to schedule a night out (and getting childcare), packing up the whole house and traveling with the stress of crying children and seeing midnight through bloodshot eyes rocking a baby.

I’m not upset about any of those things. I love our life and everything that’s brought us to this point. I also love that when either of us feels far away, the other sends a raft filled with love sprinkles to guide us back. It’s one thing out of a long list that I think helped us get this far and hopefully will for many years to come.

Love sprinkles are like when he sees me rushing to cook dinner with the stress from the day on my face and he pulls me close for a slow dance, even if it’s to the sound of boiling water. Like when he sends a sweet text or brings home a surprise movie to watch after kids are asleep or when he holds my hand or knows exactly the moment I need a hug. When he can see I’m struggling with the kids or just life and gently says, It’s ok, I got this Mama.

Love sprinkles, like when I put sweet notes in his lunchbox or rub his back after a hard day. Like when I see he’s doing a great job with the kids or work and let him know, or make his favorite dinner or have a funny conversation with looks only we know across a crowded room. When I see he’s struggling with the kids or just life and say, It’s ok, I got this babe.

There are far too many to name, but I call them sprinkles because, let’s be honest here, doesn’t everyone get slightly excited about some sprinkles? They’re colorful, bright and create a childlike smile and feeling. That’s exactly what these love sprinkles do. Little gestures to show the other they still matter, they’re still special, still loved, still exciting, still beautiful, still the one.

Do we have it all figured out? Are we a perfect couple? Not a chance on either. Do we work hard each day and try to keep that core, the center that keeps burning, allowing us to continue spinning through life? You bet…

and it’s full of sprinkles.

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