Dear little one,


Dear little one,

You were born into this world with immeasurable love. Even before the first moment we knew of you, we loved you. Please keep that love tucked in your heart and never doubt it for a second.

They say all mothers feel this way, maybe they do, but I just knew the minute I saw you that you were destined for something great. You’ve always learned things so quickly and stay eager for more knowledge every day. I admire that about you. Please keep that hunger, little one.

You first smiled at 9 weeks old. Maybe that’s not exact, but that’s the one I remember. I’d been talking to you all day and this time your whole face lit up and you looked into my eyes and smiled with yours. Your smile has brightened many days since then. You smile and wave at friends and strangers just the same. Please keep that happy spirit, little one.

Music has always moved you. Even at just a few weeks old you got excited to hear those sounds. Now you dance. Your moves so creative and uninhibited. It makes you so happy. It makes me so happy to watch you. Please keep on dancing, little one.

You ask to make cards or pictures or little books for people. It makes you happy to spend your time creating things that you hope will bring a smile to someone. You release little colorful bursts of happiness into the world, it’s inspiring. Please keep that thoughtfulness, little one.

You see, there will be times in life (many I’m afraid) when others won’t smile or wave back. They won’t share your love of learning and may even criticize you for it. They may not appreciate your dance moves or projects you make. It breaks my heart to tell you this, but it’s true.

We never know what others are facing in life. They could be having a bad day or even a bad year. We don’t know what things they’ve experienced. What I do know for certain is your heart. It’s beautiful and full of love. There will be times you want to give up, but please keep your unique joy. Don’t let anyone get in the way of that, no matter how hard it gets.

Please keep you, little one.

You are destined for great things.
Mommy says so.

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