Me, Mommy

Mama Juice

I came across this poem I wrote several months ago, so guess it’s time to share it!

First, a little background. I’ve always been a big advocate of breastfeeding. I nursed for 39 months total, and wouldn’t change one second of it. Was it hard sometimes? Yes! There were days I felt like a cow. Some days I was sore. Some days I felt like there was so much to be done, but I was confined to a chair. Looking back, nothing catastrophic ever happened because I left dishes in the sink.

When my second child came along, the days of sitting quietly and feeding were replaced with running through the house chasing a toddler with a baby getting meals on the go!

I absolutely know this is a very personal choice and every mom makes this decision based on what’s best for her situation. I also absolutely know some desperately want to and can’t for many reasons.

If you have ever breastfed, you might relate to this. If you’re considering it, please give it a try! If you’re thinking of quitting, maybe give it a few days before you do. If you don’t have support in your area, message me and I’ll be your cheerleader!

I wanted to quit a few times, but always kept going. I decided let each child determine when we stopped. One was 17 months old, the other 22 months. I loved that time. I wrote this when my last child stopped.
(She called my milk Mama Juice.)


Mama Juice

We did it sweet girl, we made it through. The most beautiful time, just me and you.

We were both learning that first crazy night,
Night two, with a deep breath I said, alright
We can do this, let’s give it one more try, You latched like a champ and I began to cry.
That was just the beginning you see,
Of a very special time between you and me.

At first you ate so much, all night and day, We rocked and sang and for you I would pray.
I watched your little eyes close to a deep, peaceful sleep. Snuggles so sweet, you in my arms I would keep.
Put her down more, I would often hear, but I held on tight, knowing the end of this special time was near.

Then, there were growth spurts and you ate non-stop. There were actually times I thought I would pop!
Once, in tears, I said, “Child, I’m starting to moo!” You looked right in my eyes and I felt like you knew.
You smiled and kept right on going anyway. It makes me laugh still to this day.

You held my fingers, played with my face, twirled my hair and explored my lace.
With a gentle touch I traced around your eyes, lips and nose,
I kissed all your sweet little fingers and toes.
Before I knew it you were growing, healthy and stronger. The doctor said, “Great job mommy, she’s getting bigger and longer!”

You started eating foods and loved it so much, Then came not needing me for dinner or lunch.
You pinched me sometimes and bit me twice. With tears I told you no, no that’s not nice!
We made it through that too, me and you and I’m glad we keep going because you weren’t through.

Many times in public you kicked off your cover at the worst possible time, but we kept right on going and I didn’t mind.
We often got disapproving looks and even a few glares,but smiling and waving usually stopped the stares!

There were several weeks you wanted to nurse all night, sometimes I wanted to quit, but it just didn’t feel right.
I knew you needed me more than ever before, You were growing so much and learning galore.
Extra snuggles and comfort helped on those days, I’m glad we kept going, it was always a phase.

You’ll be two next month and out of the blue, you don’t need “mama juice” like you used to.
I knew this day would be coming very soon, but it still hurts my heart that this time is through.

We did it sweet girl. Me and you, you and me, I’m so glad we did, because looking back…

There was no other place I’d rather be.



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1 thought on “Mama Juice”

  1. Great job! Those who would stare and glared are just rude and miserable people. It’s the most πŸ’― natural way to feed any child or primate! Kudos Mom πŸ‘πŸ†


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