A Letter to Me

Dear Young Me,

Hi. It’s old me. I’m not THAT old but much older than you. Let me tell you, there’s so much you don’t even have a clue about. I’m glad you didn’t really get to read this. You need to just be oblivious and carefree for now, but if I could go back and fill you in on some things, here’s how it would go.

You know how mom always says enjoy how you look now because it’s the best you’ll ever look? She is so right. Stop thinking you’re fat or hating on your chubby knees. Wear the stupid shorts. Trust me, they look great. After college and marriage and kids, you will lose some of that youthful glow. It will be replaced with even chubbier knees (they make a perfect seat for the kids) and laughter and worry wrinkles. Sounds great, huh?

Good news though, you will also gain something else. The ability to not care as much. You’ll find out time and time again, other people are mostly worried about themselves. How they look or what they are wearing and not you. Also, if they do care. Who cares? We are all just people. We are all uniquely beautiful. Simple as that.

Worrying is dumb. Yes, really dumb. You worry over the silliest things and it will only get worse, but every single time you’ll find out that it all works out somehow. It’s amazing. It really will all be ok. Even when it’s not, you get through it. Stop the worrying. There’s way better things to do. If something embarrassing happens, and it will, just laugh. It doesn’t really matter in a few years, or even a few days.

Be ok with where you are at the time. Sure, make goals to be thinner, learn something new, buy different clothes, move to another house, take that big trip. It’s ok to look forward to those things, but don’t look so hard that you forget where you are, it’s easy to get lost that way.

You’re pretty smart, so own it. Don’t apologize for your thoughts. Speak up more, what you have to say matters just as much as anyone else.

Bills stink. The older you get, the more bills you get and the more it stinks. It’s life. Just pay it and move on. No need to fret over it so much.

Keep your true friends close. Same goes for family. You will need them countless times and they’ll need you. Life gets so busy, but don’t forget to check in.

Listen to your gut. If there’s any question about doing or saying something, just don’t. Mostly, it’s worse to live with regret than wonder.

Don’t be afraid to enjoy events in life because you don’t think you have the right clothes or feel uncertain about what it will be like. Just go and find out. It’s better to show up and leave early (if necessary) than sit it out and miss out.

Listen to mom and dad. They really know their stuff. You’ll go through this phase of being distant with them, that’s normal, but just make it quick and then just knock it off. Seriously. They are your biggest support and biggest fan. Remember that.

Pray. Daily. I know you know, but I’m not kidding on this one. You need to keep your faith strong.

Eat the cake. Or don’t. Just don’t fret over it either way. Let’s face it, we’ll always be on the chunky side. You’ll go through many sizes. Love yourself through all of them.

Your kids are amazing. I can’t wait for you to see. Try to keep it together, they’re only little for a blink. The hard times pass quickly and are replaced by different hard times. The good times outweigh it all. Just go with your mommy gut. It’s usually right.

Help others. Volunteer, ask what you can do, actively seek those that need your help. Also, don’t forget to help yourself. Don’t forget you need rest and breaks and pampering too. Especially in the early mom years. It’s easy to forget you exist too, but you need to be uplifted to also lift others.

Finally, you know those moments you actually remember to enjoy? When you remember to soak in your day and breathe deep, or at all, and admire the beauty and feel happy and chew slowly and close your eyes and smile and just be. Do that more. A lot more.


Old(er) Me


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