How Rude of Me

I realized something today. I’ve made several posts, but nothing that really told anything specifically about me. How rude. It’s like, “Hey there! Welcome to my blog party! Please have a look around. I’ll introduce myself in a few days.” Manners fail.

Let’s get to it. I’m from a small town, somewhere. You already know from this post I’m a SAHM. You’ve read about my love story, first date and one of my birth experiences. (If not, click on the links and catch up already!)

To provide more insight, I’m attempting to do the whole “10 things about me” (Insert eye roll) but it may turn into 6, or possibly 3. If you could take a peek into my mind currently, there’s a blank piece of paper with a pencil slowly thumping on it. Who knew it was this hard?


Am I that boring? Actually, I came up with a few, but they were quickly crumpled in the floor. That’s too personal, too silly, too gross. I’ll just see where it goes.

1. I’m a stuffer.


No, not my bra. Though, I’m sure we’ve all looked into that option at some point. I stuff, stuff. I like things to look neat and tidy on the outside. I put clutter in drawers or closets and by put, I mean cram, toss, shove, whatever it takes. Pretty much anywhere I can’t see it, there it will live. To me, it’s organized. I basically know where everything is, it’s just in weird places. I hide papers inside books, I put toys in anything with a lid or hinge, I lose my car keys daily because I find a new stash spot. I usually get to have a fun scavenger hunt later when I need a forgotten stuffed item. Does all this say something about me? If so, we can just stuff it.

2. I cry.


Yes, it’s true. At one point in my life I had those tears synched up tight like a corset. I could go days or weeks with no tears. Was I really that happy back then? No, that can’t be it. I’m happy now. Was it called hormonally balanced? Maybe. I think less sentimental is what I’m looking for.

Now I can cry over a song, a sweet movie, firsts, lasts, birthdays, a partially eaten gummy worm stuck to my wallet. I realize I’ll miss it all one day when the kids are all grown up. It’s so silly, so I cry about that too.

3. Music saves my day.


Some days my husband will come home to kids running around like mice let loose at a donut shop. Meanwhile, I’m standing over the stove getting a 3 pot steam facial, whispering the words, “please make it stop.” All he has to do is turn on music, and the whole scene shifts. Kids are now quietly playing, mommy is dance cooking like she actually has moves. It’s a musical miracle each time.

4. I always laugh at the wrong time.


At times, I have a juvenile sense of humor. I cannot help but giggle at things that are typically frowned upon at my age. I try to hide it, but guaranteed that laugh will sneak back up in the form of a snort chuckle while I’m paying for groceries two days later. Also, when my child does or says something I know is wrong (but funny) I can’t help but laugh. I’ve at least mastered the quick cough cover up manuever.

5. I might be a mermaid.


Ok, maybe it should say I wish were a mermaid. My love for the ocean is pretty deep. Get it? Also, mermaid life would eliminate the need for clothes shopping and keeping my feet (or hooves, as my darling husband so lovingly says) in tip-top flip-flop shape. That’s a full-time job.

6. I love being a mom.


Even before I became a mom, my work and life was all about helping children. I love watching them grow and learn and being the one they look up to for guidance. It’s all so beautiful and overwhelming, in a good way. Sometimes the day goes by with minimal mommy meltdowns and sometimes the entire house is covered in finger paint and sucker sticks. Either way, I love being a mom.

7. I need a daily timeout.


With everything I said in #6, I need a timeout. Every single day. The minute their little eyes are closed and I can do my stealthy tip-toe dance out of the room, I am in official timeout. There is to be no noise, very low light, and zero touching. I sit and breathe and marvel at how loud silence really is. Ten minutes later, I’m good. Ready to blob, like slime draped over the couch to watch a few mind-numbing shows and talk about the day. I think I just answered that boring question from earlier.

8. I forget everything.


It’s a real issue. My memory hasn’t been great for years. Don’t ask me how many, I don’t remember. It’s hard to see people I know out somewhere. There are always things I should ask them about their lives. I’m standing there knowing there’s something big going on, but did she just go on vacation or get a new job or is she having a baby? I have no idea. My thoughts are scattering like dandelion seeds. I’ll just smile and nod. I also worry about forgetting special things with my children, so I try to document everything with pictures. I hope I remember to look at them one day.

9. I find weird details in movies and it’s annoying.


Ok, movies or TV shows. I’m the person that notices in one scene the food on the table is there, then it’s gone, then it’s there again. In one scene the guy has a sweaty shirt then in a second later it’s dry. A jacket is on the couch, then it’s gone. I try not to see it, but I just can’t help it. Then, comes the annoying part. I announce it. “Look, her hair is down now!” or “That drink is full now!” It’s awful. I annoy myself. I cannot stop.

10. I joke, but I’m thankful.


I can see where people might think I’m too hard on myself. I’ve actually been told that many times. Yes, I make comments about my appearance or overactive sweat glands. I just use humor to talk about things that can be hard to talk about otherwise. I really am thankful for my health and life. I do love myself. In fact, I’m grateful each and every morning for a new day and all the rogue eyebrow hairs that grew in while I slept.

There it is. Ten things you’ve always wanted to know about someone, or never wanted to know. There’s actually a lot more to me than these ten things, but my timeout is over and I need to get on with my Netflix binge.

Now it’s your turn! Share a fun fact about yourself!

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