A Kindergarten Conversation


My dear child, come sit. Let’s have a little talk. You’ll be going to school very soon. We’ve been counting down the days on your calendar, so you know it’s almost time! Yes, things will be a lot different now, but I know we’ll both do just fine with this big change.

Let me take a good look at you. My how you’ve grown. You already know that, because you asked to look at your baby pictures this week. You didn’t even recognize yourself in the photos. You had those little chubby cheeks and chunky arms. They aren’t chunky anymore. You had longer hair and just a few teeth in your handsome smile. I’m sure you’ll be losing some of those teeth soon!

I know you’ve grown too. I’ve been noticing your longer legs and you feel heavier when I pick you up. It’s ok though, it’s what you’re supposed to do! You often ask if I’m sad that you’re not a baby anymore. Please always know, I loved you when you were as small as a peanut and will love you when you’re big and tall, even taller than me! I’ll love you every single day in between. Grow big and strong and fly, my child. You will do amazing things.

You tell me that you’re scared, that you’ve never experienced this school thing we keep talking about. Let me tell you a secret, I was scared to go to school for the first time too. New things can be scary, but never let your fear keep you from wonderful new experiences.

Here’s another secret, mommy is also a little scared. I’ve never experienced letting my little heart go off to school. More than anything else though, I’m happy. Happy for you to begin this exciting new journey! You will have so many fun days and will learn so much. Let’s try to be more excited than scared, ok?

There will be lots of kids in your class and at your school. I’m sure you’ll make new friends. I hope you remember the things we’ve talked about together, like sharing and being nice to everyone. I hope you’ll be a good example. You told me last week if you saw another kid crying, you’d ask what’s wrong, then sit and cry with them. Keep that big heart, sweet child. If there are kids that aren’t nice, and there will be, I hope you’ll tell me. We can talk about it and pray for them together.

I know who your teacher is now. We will meet her in a few weeks. I think you’ll really like her. She’s very excited to meet you and I know she’ll teach you so much. Please listen to her. She will have many kids to teach and that’s not easy. Try to remember your manners, like yes ma’am, please and thank you. We should always be thankful when others are willing to help us.

You are so smart and already know so much, but there’s always more to learn. I still learn new things every single day. I love the curiosity and excitement you have about exploring new things. Stay eager and always seek to know more.

You’ll eat lunch at school now. Please don’t be sad. I know, I’ll miss our lunches together too. Don’t worry, we will still have picnics and play restaurant on the weekends! I hope you have lots of friends to sit with while you eat. If you see someone sitting alone or looking sad, ask them to join you! I know it will be exciting to eat with lots of kids your age, but please remember to always chew and help clean up your mess!

You’re so kind and thoughtful. Like that time on the playground when you let the little boy you just met go first on the slide, or when you tried to make the little girl at the store laugh because she was crying. Please don’t ever change that about yourself. Those are great qualities, hang on to them tight.

If you miss me during the day, always remember how much I love you and know I’ll be thinking of you every minute too! Then, go explore and learn and be happy, my child. I am so very proud of you and I know with all my heart, you can do this!

5 thoughts on “A Kindergarten Conversation”

  1. This is beautiful, and I really needed it today! I am school shopping and getting my daughter ready for her first day of kindergarten, coming so soon. I literally have tears running down my cheeks after reading this. I’m so scared but so proud of her, too. I know she’ll do great, she is so smart, and so sweet. But she is shy and I hope she learns to do well there. So much emotion going on! Thank you.

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