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5 Reasons to Love the Glamour Girl Pretend Makeup Kit

Switching gears a little, I thought I’d give a little review on a recent purchase. I should mention, I bought this product after doing my own research and I am not getting paid for my review.


(A little hand grabbed a brush before I snapped this picture, it actually comes with 3. You get the idea though.)

I wanted something fun for a birthday present and thought play makeup would be a great idea for a little girl turning 3. I also didn’t want anything messy or that would irritate sensitive skin. I remember playing with makeup as a child. It was crazy colors and it got all over everything. I was happy to find something different!

Doing some research one night I came across this one. Here’s why I love it.

Nail polish on the bed? Sure! No spills here!

1. It’s Fun.

The only mistake I made with this gift was giving it first. The birthday girl didn’t even consider opening any other gifts. She plopped right down, emptied the bag and went right to work putting on her makeup. She did this for a long time every day for weeks. She put it on herself, her dolls, mommy, daddy, grandparents. Pretty much anyone who would sit still long enough received a makeover. It seems that many toys are pushed aside too quickly, but this is one that’s used repeatedly, even months later.


2. It’s not messy.

Let’s face it, life with littles is already messy enough. Food spills, crafts, outdoor play, toys with tiny pieces. Having real makeup this young just adds to that list. This makeup doesn’t actually apply to the skin, so zero mess. I also don’t have to worry about skin reactions. Plus, it has a cute and easy to zip bag to keep the pieces together. While it doesn’t rub off on the skin, it still looks very realistic. The brushes are even pink on the tip as if they have makeup on them. I’m always a sucker for little details.


3. Quality.

My kids aren’t always the easiest on toys, so it’s frustrating to get something that will just fall apart in a few weeks. I’ve not had that issue with this product. With several times using it, the pieces are still sturdy and in good condition. I was actually surprised and excited at how well they were made.

Lip gloss anyone?

4. The story behind it.

While searching Amazon, I found this kit and was already sold on how cute it was and the great reviews it had. Then, I came across the company story. It was started by a mom trying to give her child a requested birthday present of pretend makeup. She couldn’t find one she liked, so she came up with this one! Who doesn’t love a mom that can start-up a whole company over a birthday present? I think it’s awesome.

Isn’t that the cutest little model hand?

5. It makes a great present.

I’ve given it for two presents so far and it was a big hit both times. I’m definitely keeping it on my radar for any other birthdays or holidays coming up! If you have a little girl who gets into your makeup stash or likes to pretend dress up, definitely check this out!

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