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Dear Kindergarten Teacher

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Dear Kindergarten Teacher,

It’s almost time. I really hope you’ve had a wonderful summer. You deserve a good break. I know you never really stopped working. We haven’t met yet, but please know I’ve been praying for you.

I realize you have many students to focus on. I know you have very busy days and nights. I think your job is one of the hardest out there and I’m so grateful to you for dedicating your time to these children. You do amazing things and I’m so happy to be sharing my baby, my heart, with you. Please always remember how much you’re appreciated, daily.

Here’s the thing, I can’t go a day now without tears. I know you’ve been through it all many times, but this is my first. I may have many questions, I’ll likely linger too long on the first day, I may need your help letting go. He’s been my sidekick every single day until now. Our entire world is being tilted and we’re trying to just hold on. Please just remember how hard it is and be patient with me.

I want you to know he’s a really great kid. He’s already learned so much. I hope you’ll let him tell his stories and write his books. He really loves art, math and science. He has never been to school before. If he doesn’t know how to do something, please be understanding.

I know he’ll do ok after a while. He will actually love it, I’m sure. I hope you’ll be able to see if he’s struggling with an assignment or with the other kids. They can be so cruel sometimes. He won’t always say it, but if you look close you can tell if he’s upset. Please look.

He’s still so very small. They all are. Though he can do so much now, he still wants me to kiss his boo-boos, he still loves to snuggle, he still gets excited over snowman pancakes, he still makes everyone around him laugh. He wakes up every single day full of joy and eagerness to learn. Please help him keep his happy spirit.

I’ve always been there to remind him to look both ways, chew his food, not climb too high. I’ve always helped him find his way. It’s very hard to let go. Please make sure he’s safe.

We’ve got his supplies, backpack, and new clothes. He’s all ready, but he’s scared. He says he’s going to miss me. He’s nervous about going and not knowing what it will be like. I know all this is normal, but please help him feel better about being there.

I am really happy for him to begin this new journey. I know he’ll learn so much this year. I know he’ll make friends, I know his little wings will start to fly. I’m also going to miss him terribly. Please give him a hug sometimes.


Mommy Trying To Stay Strong

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