Does Anyone Actually Like Going to See Fireworks?

purple red white and orange fireworks display
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I try to have a positive outlook about things. Really, I do. I’m not successful a lot, but I do try. Here’s the thing, going to see the fireworks in my town hits a lot of my “nope” buttons.

For starters, it’s hot. I don’t do hot very well. Right now it’s strip down, turn on a fan, close the blinds (not in that order) and wait for Fall hot. It wouldn’t be quite so bad, but I sweat. Just today, I just saw pictures of friends at a concert. Outside. During the day. They looked amazing. Me? Well, had I been in that same picture, it would be titled, “Girl Watering Lawn With Armpits”. I’ll just say it, it’s not fair. Moving on.

Then there’s the Porta-potty. Some people are completely fine doing their business in them, and that’s great. For a person who gags using a public toilet, these outhouses of horror really are a nope. Plus, after seeing a movie where a guy gets tipped over in one, I just can’t even go there in my mind. I could always avoid it in the past by limiting fluids and waiting. After having kids, waiting is not an option, now is it? Adult diaper anyone?

The crowds- the hundreds of people, sitting way too close, amped up on sno cones and hot dogs. Trying to keep kids up past their bedtime, and in sight while it’s dark. Glow necklaces work great, but every other kid has them too. They all start to look like little glowing heads floating around. Keeping up with your floating head isn’t easy.

Then, there is that 15 minutes. That glorious, wonderful 15 minutes we all endured for. Everyone sitting still, looking up at giant bursts of light filling the sky. That time you look around and get a little lump in your throat thinking of the year gone by, knowing they’ll be a little bigger next year. You take a deep breath and smile, nothing can bring you down. Not even the shirt sticking to your back or the screaming kid two blankets over. Poor kid.

Then, just like that it’s over. Here comes the grand finale. The half mile hike back to the car. Loaded down with chairs, blankets and screaming overtired kids, just to sit in your car and wait an hour for the 16 rows of cars ahead of you to leave. The moment you want to drop to your knees, look up and scream “Why did we do this?” You glance around and everyone else seems to be having this same thought, so you all muster on.

Now I ask, is all that worth it? Of course it is, so let’s pack up, powder up and act like it’s amazing. To the kids…well, their entire experience IS amazing and that’s all the positive motivation we need.

Happy 4th Everyone!

— I must say I absolutely appreciate all the reasons we celebrate this day, and all the hard work it takes to have this event! (I still hate porta-potties!)

2 thoughts on “Does Anyone Actually Like Going to See Fireworks?”

  1. This is my first post I have read. Love your sense of humor! I am a amateur stand up comedian. We need to get together and write a skit. I believe mom’s especially would die laughing! Thank you for your thoughts! 😊❤️


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