Growing Hangers

These hangers keep growing and I don’t like it.

I’ve done laundry for more years than I care to mention out loud. A few years ago came the need to start using these tiny hangers in fun colors. Cutest little things. They had the tiniest clothes hanging on them. Doing Laundry was actually sweet.

Today, I noticed those hangers have grown. When did that happen? These big clothes coming out of the dryer would fall right off those cute, little hangers. Where are they now anyway?

My stomach gets that little feeling. You know, like when you think you left the garage door up, or you have no money in the bank, or you realize your kids have grown 4 hanger sizes. Stupid hangers. Who invited you anyway?

Think I’ll move onto folding, but we won’t discuss mistaking my underwear for a kid’s shirt. Nope, that’s a discussion for another day… or never.

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