Me, Mommy

Free Coffee and Mommy Tears

It’s our 9th anniversary. We’re celebrating at Barnes and Noble. I’m looking for books, not even for myself but for the kids. How things have changed! Our first anniversaries were spent traveling to the beach, even a great trip to Jamaica.

I had to chuckle at how life has changed, but I’m still happy. Happier actually. I looked around some more. Checking the clock, I know it’s almost time to go. Sipping my free Starbucks drink (perk for being a member and bonus for the night).

I asked a young girl if she knew where books about going to Kindergarten would be. “For kids?” she asked. I wanted to give a snarky response, but I refrained.

She hurriedly scans around the kid section. Walks to a computer, quickly tells me I can order some, but there are not any in store. I stare at her. She’s so young. She has no idea she’ll be here one day. Celebrating an anniversary with eye wrinkles, ecstatic about a free cup of coffee and in tears looking for a book for her child who is about to enter school. She just doesn’t get it. It’s not her fault.

I tell her thanks and proceed to the checkout line with two books about starting kindergarten (for kids) that I’d found while she was(n’t) looking for them.

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