Me, Mommy

One Day These Days Will End

I still remember the first bath. I was a brand new mom. He was a brand new person. I'm not sure which one was more afraid. I held a tiny, grunting bundle wiggling in my arms while mentally running through the essentials. I had the temperature turtle ready, indicating the water was just right. I… Continue reading One Day These Days Will End

Me, Mommy

My 30 Day Feel Better Challenge

I did it! Please excuse me while I happy dance! Ok, I'm back.  Wait, let's back up a bit so I can explain.  And before I explain, let's sidestep and let me say I'm not an expert on any of this. Just a person with an experience to share and hopefully motivate others along the… Continue reading My 30 Day Feel Better Challenge


That One Time I Tried a Beauty Gadget

If you've been following me for any amount of time, you already know I'm not exactly an expert on anything beauty or fashion related. It's just not even an option at this point. I've been stuck in a dressing room, I've tried polishing my nails, I used butt cream on my face and I had… Continue reading That One Time I Tried a Beauty Gadget

Me, Mommy

Look Beyond the Fog

I use the word fog because it's visual. We've all seen a foggy morning or tried to drive in a thick fog, right? It's hard to see the whole situation. It's literally clouded and we can only focus on what's right around us. It can be frustrating and even scary.  Sometimes in life, we need… Continue reading Look Beyond the Fog

Me, Mommy

A Love-Wrapped Christmas

It's December and I went to my favorite hobby store to pick up something totally unrelated to Christmas. Is that even legal? I'll have to check. That store, I promise you, has magical powers. It has the ability to switch my mind to autopilot, then it takes over the controls. Meanwhile, I'm helplessly navigated against… Continue reading A Love-Wrapped Christmas

Me, Mommy

Never in a Million Years

She stood in the kitchen cooking dinner, just like every other night. Except this time, she glanced up to see her children busy playing. She looked at them, really looked at them and she cried.  Never in a million years could she have imagined this day. Standing right smack in the middle of this life,… Continue reading Never in a Million Years

Me, Mommy

Mom-Friend Dating

I have my girls. The ones I can call or text anytime. The ones I can send a strange emoji and they know exactly how I'm feeling. We can go 4 hours or 4 days or 4 weeks without talking and it's ok. They know me and still love me, for that, they are my… Continue reading Mom-Friend Dating